My lunch date with the O-Man

Multimedia | Videos | published on Aug. 20th, 2010

What would you do if the O-Man came to your town? Try to have a panini with him

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Every so often it happens: you get to see a rock star. Or hear about one in the vicinity anyway.

The latter proved the case for me when Barack Obama — known to a select few as the “O-Man” — came to Seattle on Tues., Aug. 17. And, yes, I know: He ain’t no rock star. He’s our president. But really, brother got charisma, no matter what you think of his (in)actions as the prezzie.

By the luck of some mysterious draw, the O-Man happened to have a lunch convo with local business owners in a restaurant right across the street from where I work. And by that same draw, I happened to have brought my videocamera. Which means I got footage. Of what, exactly? Well, take a peep at this video and enter into the realm of hollering crowds, a noisy motorcade, gender dysphoria, a mystery bag and the new literary agent for author George Orwell’s.

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