Get that Bunny

Multimedia | Videos | published on May. 11th, 2010

Simone Lupson-Cook takes her birds of prey — Chase, a red-tailed hawk, and Cricket, a European goshawk — out to hunt rabbits. And it gets kinda bloody

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Sometimes, things take a little longer than you planned.

Way back in February, I made a trailer for a short film I was putting together, about Simone Lupson-Cook taking her red-tailed hawk — Chase — and European goshawk — Cricket — out to hunt rabbits. I had every intention of turning out a short film soon after. But that didn’t happen.

As my hard drive had less and less space to offer, my computer kept sloowwwinnngg dooowwwwnnnn; this caused my copy of iMovie HD to place a nasty, crackling hum over the audio; this, in turn, made the piece frustrating to edit. But that’s the past.

And this is the future, with the video — finally — edited. And a new video editing program to help other filmmaking efforts in the future. Which I plan to put to use.

But in the meantime, here’s “Get that Bunny,” where Simone takes Chase and Cricket out and they get busy with a rabbit. And let me warn you: There’s blood, guts and fur. Just prepare yourself.

And thanks Simone. And Chase. And Cricket. All of you are awesome…

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