Little hams on little legs

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You might be wondering: What’s Rosette been up to? Telling myself I’ve been busy, which is true. But now I’m getting busy with having more fun creating stories. Like this:

I’m working on a piece for Real Change newspaper, where I work as assistant editor, about a family farm in Kent, WA, called Whistling Train Farm. Run by Mike and Shelly Verdi, it’s a 15-acre farm full of fennel, marjoram, carrots, green beans, basil, sunflowers and more. Plus, they’ve got a cow, some goats and pigs. I plan to follow a tiny seed of spinach as it grows into a leafy bunch of greens sold at a Seattle farmers market, weaving in the story of the farm, the magic of how food grows, Shelly and Mike’s history, the federal Farm Bill and more.

When I went for my first visit on 20 Aug 2012, with photographer Lucien Knuteson, I discovered a litter of piglets had been born a week before. Well, those little oinkers showed up right before we left, along with their 450-pound mama sow. Take a gander and see if you can spot the runt. When the article comes out, oh, sometime in November, I’ll have a more complete video. Until then, this’ll whet your appetite.

Take care…